Monday, 21 April 2014

Give me a minute...

Hey guys,

I have to say I was really humbled by all your kind words on my post 'commitment.' I felt quite exposed writing it and you all made me feel so comfortable sharing something a bit different. 
I'm in a bit of a way at the moment, my room is a mess, my diary is full of things to do and I want to finish an essay and get started on another one before I leave for Queensland.  

So I ask that you let me disappear for 7 days to write this essay, have a existential crisis over where to put the fullstops in my references and sit around in my room for about 5 hours before I clean it properly. I'll miss you all, and hopefully when I'm back I will be bursting at the seams with inspiration. I can't wait to see what you all post this week when I get back :)

I'll leave you with a few things that I appreciate having in my life this week. 
1. Printers - I am one of those people who can't read stuff of a computer screen, I have to print my readings and high light them and make notes and go crazy. So today when I was printing off some materials, I was watching the printer and I couldn't help but be amazed that it just puts these patterns on the blank piece of paper so quickly and efficiently and voila. 
2. ReferenceME App- So I have recently discovered this app in a big way. 
3. El Ten Eleven- This band is entirely instrumental and perfect for study. I just have them going on spottify in the background.

See you in 7 days x


  1. Hey girl! I hope the break is going well for you. It's well deserved and I hope everything is swell when you're back!

    If you need help with referencing, maybe give me a buzz and I may be able to help you out there! Depending what style of referencing you use, whether it's Havard, or APA. :)

  2. good luck finishing all that work- it sounds really hard so I bet you'll feel so relieved once it's all done! and i'm the same way about reading, i definitely like having it on paper :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. Good luck girlie!! I believe in youuuuuuuu <3 hehe

    p.s. enter the giveaway on my blog before it finishes next Wednesday :) wouldn't want you missing out!


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