Wednesday, 25 February 2015

November 2014 On Film

Hi guys!
I'm back. I'm currently at home and wading through editing the thousand photos I took in the last 10 days. When I got home yesterday I was met with a surprise. Mum had developed my first ever roll of film that I took last year. It was pretty rubbish if I'm honest haha. I was not expecting works of art, but it was so fun to see what I took months ago and had forgotten about. These are all from our old house too which is funny to look at. 
Anyway I though I would share until I am ready to share the last few weeks with you and here's a bit of a more realistic look at first attempts at film photography. I've missed blogging and all of your blogs so much, and I'm very keen to get back into it.

Meg x

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Dear February,

Have I ever told you how much I love you?
I bet all you ever hear about is Valentine's Day and arguments over who is paying for the movie tickets or dinner but does anyone ever take the time to appreciate you?
You have given me a new appreciation for anticipation, the simple things and people who treat their animals like family members.
My best friend says that the year 2015 is a year of breakthrough and you have been nothing but a testament to that. If someone had told me last February what my life would look like this February I would have told them they were mistaken.
I'll always remember you by an adorable sleepy eyed boy and the feeling of gratefulness that can only be felt when travelling away from home. 
I'm writing to you from Byron Bay February my old friend, having just spent the last few days at Steph's Grandma's beautiful house in the peaceful countryside of Queensland. 
There is a lot to tell about this trip so you might just have to start reading my blog Feb, but what I wanna tell you about right now is the day we flew to the Gold Coast from Melbourne, it was mild and beautiful, a day that reminded me just how lucky I cam and how much I owe to this world and the people in my life who work hard to give me the best chance. 

Steph and I lay on the floor of this apartment like dorks, in front of the wall length windows looking at a spectacular view up the Gold Coast. Despite all the things that complicate our lives, I was grateful. I knew that I didn't and won't ever need more than what I have.

Every now and then I think we need reaffirmation of the path we are on, a chance to stop and look at the map if you like. You've given that to me February. 
Thank you. 

Love Meg x

Monday, 9 February 2015


"What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet."

1/ Home alone 2/ First date mess 3/ Sunny drives 4/ Packing for Steph's graduation.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

On Success,

I sort of used to think that if you were good enough at something you would succeed and that was it, it was some predetermined fate we all faced in life.

I've always been pretty bright and talented in a few areas. That sounds really in love with myself but I think everyone has things they are talented at, overtly or otherwise. For example, music and academia were it for me. I won Eisteddfods, I got a scholarship. While I lost interest in Maths later in high school, I've never really had any trouble with school that wasn't because I wasn't interested in the content.

For the longest time I just let what came easily speak for itself. I coasted through VCE and it wasn't long until I got to a point where natural ability wasn't enough to be a "high achiever" anymore. Which can be discouraging. Would I have to do this thing that people did? Studying? No thank you. Safe to say I had been living in ignorant bliss.

The deeper I get into this process of becoming a professional photographer the more I realise that my success hinges on certain things before it can come down to my natural ability while holding a camera.

I used to think that it came easily to great photographers and likewise talented people. No doubt they worked hard on their product but because it was so great, and they were so talented, everything else came easy to them. I guess I sort of felt that if my photos were as good as theirs, people would come all the way to me. I would one day go from 0 to 100 and be a successful artist.
But the more experience I get the more I learn that to get people to love your work and pay you to do what you love, talent comes second to perseverance.

It's pretty simple, the harder you work and continue to work, the more efficient you become and the further you go. There are no sustainable shortcuts in success. It will take time, but it will happen.

Success is something different to everyone. But to me, it's still itching to get my camera out when I'm just in my pyjamas, and enjoying taking photos that no one will even see.
Success is not absent in the process and that is too often forgotten.

I'll leave you with some beautifully unrelated photos of my sister and I being dorks.
Love Meg x

Monday, 2 February 2015

An Ode To Cozy

Put on your favourite jumper,
Scrub the make up from your face. 
Tie up your mess of hair in a bun, 
Put on The Paper Kites. 
This is my place, my time to be comfortable. 
Alone never felt as good as when you're cozy.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Camera Roll #3

Hi friends!
Thank you so much to all of you who left me nice messages this past week as I got my teeth out. It means a lot! I'm super happy to say that apart from some expected trouble eating and some fatigue I am almost good as new! I am blown away by modern medicine. I am also really pleased that I overcame my fear and stayed calm in the face of the operating table.

I have a few ideas for blog posts but I wanted to check in with you guys tonight and since I haven't really be able to leave my bed too much, I'm going to put a little more time into those ideas and just do a little post now. But I have a real throwback in the makings :D

Some of these are a little while ago since I haven't done one of these since December :) So here goes!
(Not in order haha)

1/ Kyall and I in the water on NYE.
2/ We had family come to visit to see our new house and Archie showed be his cool go pro footage and how I can watch him do flips and stuff live on his iPad through bluetooth! Technology! Those young whippersnappers know how to do the tech. 
3/ I discovered this amazing photographer! So naturally I saved dozens of photos of her golden retrievers cause I'm not creepy at all. Jessica Trinh is a very talented photographer but particularly talented with photoshop and puppies. If you are ever sad, she is your woman. 
4/ Paynesville Sunset.
5/ I printed a photo that I took a little over a year ago to give to my uncle. This photo means a lot to me, it was really lovely to frame it. 
6/ My sister and I making fun of the young ones at The 1975 concert haha. This is us trying to look "soft grunge" and also every time a song would come on and all the 14 year olds would start screaming, Alice would be like "this song is about doing drugs too" :P
7/ I had a housewarming, Zocco was Jesus, Glenn elbowed me in the nose, Sam brought flowers so she won. But swimming in the pool with friends was actually super fun and I'm excited about all the fun times of summer in years to come :)
8/ I got new shorts! So this isn't that exciting on the surface but I really hate buying shorts and I really like these ones :) Also this was Australia Day! I'm also a little bit happy because since I started doing yoga I've lost about 5kgs in three weeks and I even though I don't look that different, I feel a lot more confident and in proportion. 
9/ I took this laying on our trampoline on a beautiful afternoon looking up at the gumtrees and it made me happy :)
10/ I took this of Viv at a 21st I shot and I real love it, a great shot of a great lady. 
11/ I have an addiction, not to alcohol haha. To magazines. 
12/ The day finally came and went and I am so glad it's basically over! I'm lots of fun on painkillers! :P

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


1/ Glenn cooking the BBQ at my little housewarming.
2/ Steph looking glam, captured by Zocco.
3/ Sleeping off anaesthetic.
4/ When they put on my ankle bracelet after my wrist one I said "Just incase we lose my arm?" I think I was the only one who found that funny :P
5/ The flowers Sam gave me bloomed today and it made me smile :)
6/ Puffy face fun.
7/ All the druuuuuuuugs.

I keep falling asleep upright,
Love Meg x