Saturday, 27 September 2014

Good things are worth talking about!

Hello dearies,

Let me tell you a story.
Nay, a life lesson.

When good stuff happens to you, appreciate it. Hold on to it for when things go wrong, say the boy you like breaks your heart or you lose your job and life is seeming pretty dull.

When I had a bit ailing me in my life in the last year, I turned to a very wise woman to guide me through being young, clueless and anxious. And she asked me about the things I wanted to achieve. I told her I had a plan, I made that poster, you know the one?
And she asked me "will you be happy when you do all those things?"
And I was like, well yeah! I will be happy if I can get all of that done! Graduate? Travel? Work for myself? Buy all those lenses? I would be crazy happy! But not until I had done all those things?

She said to me, "I want you to be happy while are doing all of that or otherwise you won't be happy when you're finished, be happy now."

So lets talk about all the things making me happy right now. And I'll let you in on a secret, I am stupid happy right now. Like I haven't been this happy since I was 15, said things like "rawr I'm a dinosaur," consumed too much sugar, wore overall shorts and had a completely real (stuffed) turtle called Urtle.
I actually looked like this:
No judgement.

But I'm really happy and I want to remember the reasons I am so happy, and although my mother asked me if I am on drugs earlier, I assure you, I am just happy because:

- I talked to Rachel tonight, and she may be in Perth but she is the perfect person tell about everything. She is subjective and wise beyond her years. And kind of just really cool? Like who is that cool at 15-nearly-16? We made plans for me to take her out on her 18th birthday. And I am just super happy to have her.
- I snapchatted with Emma in New Zealand and like just being able to send her a little video of myself and to see her, it's super exciting to know that I will go to NZ and see her one day. And an ocean isn't much separating us at all in this crazy old world.
- Spotify does the best mood playlists and at the moment I am listening to one full of happy songs. Would recommend/10.
- I got offered an exciting thing today in my life (I'll probs write about this more when it happens) and found out that the dates work for me to do both that and go to my Aunt's book launch in Sydney next month! And I'll get to do fun things with family, plus I don't think I've ever really properly been to Sydney.
- House hunting! *squeals*
- Because there are really nice people in the world and sometimes they compliment me on things that I put a lot of effort into. And having someone telling you they love your work is kind of amazing and has been happening more often to me lately, and it's so life affirming to know I'm on the right path for right now.
- And because I've realised that everything I need to be successful is within me, I'm not going to find it in anyone else's companionship. I've been feeling a lot more confident lately, which to be honest, is a huge achievement for me.
- I got a really cute outfit the other day for $10 and it makes me feel summery and happy :)
- I've finally figured out that I'm going to get to do all the things I want to do in my life, and at the times I'm meant to do them.

Most of all because people are always doing things, there are adorable babies, and puppies, and people falling in love, silliness, good songs to listen to, amazing places to visit, light to capture and a life to live *aww*

What's making you happy these days blogging friends? 

Much love,
Meg x

Psst! My photography page on Facebook is about to hit 100 followers, which is obviously lame as, but it would make me super happy if you checked out because I've only really shared it with Facebook friends so far :)

Click here to give it a look!

Friday, 26 September 2014

Science Ball - Life in Photos

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.”
-Edmund Lee

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fashion Shoot!

Hey guys!
Melbourne has really turned on the beautiful weather this week so it was the perfect chance to help out Priscilla with a fashion shoot she needed to do for her portfolio as a stylist.
We had a lovely morning photographing the beautiful Prue, another girl we went to school with :)
I'm super happy with how these shots turned out, enjoy!


Monday, 22 September 2014

Magic for my Monday

Hey lovelies,
I'm just now getting my blogging back on track after having a bit of a lull and there couldn't have been a better day for it! I have been hanging out for this little package of inspiration and goodness to arrive from one of my favourite bloggers and craftswomen in the US.

I thought about today when I would be able to get to the post office all weekend in fact.
Carly and Silkworm from Zauberbear have a shop on Etsy and they made me a custom bracelet that says the date and time, as well as representing the colours, of my favourite photograph.
I am absolutely in love. Do go show Carly some love, her Etsy store is one of a kind.
Merry Monday and have a good week :) x
I also got a little parcel of goodness that contains a key to somewhere, and I'm saving it for a day where I need it the most. I'll be sure to share the photos with you when I do open it! 

Friday, 19 September 2014

Welcome to your Twenties,

Have a complimentary steaming hot plate of melancholy and confusion.

I want to write a poignant critique of what it's been like, drop some Charly-Cox-like truth bombs about boys my age, getting older and the realities of being a woman with more going on in her head than, um, what people think goes on in my head.
But I fear I lack the clarity to express that without descending into an endless rant that would probably be both embarrassing and slanderous.

My heart got thrown around like a basketball this week and I feel like I've said all the wrong things and made the most naive of choices that were necessary for me to learn some pretty alright life lessons.
I'm angry and I'm disappointed, and I'm relieved. And I don't really know how to be all of that at once.

How is it even possible to keep up with all the different things you're supposed to? Not only do you have to do things like studying, and working, you then have to keep up with your friends and family, who all have relationships that are constantly changing, as are your relationships with them. Everyone is breathing and living and feeling all the time, and time just keeps on ticking even if I'm not ready for it.

Then I'm expected to date if I don't want to end up a spinster cat lady? Better yet, date boys with free will and questionable hormonal activity. And all those boys are expected to date other girls. Putting aside your awkward insecurities and nervousness of it all, you're supposed to find someone who ticks every box at the exact right time for it all to work? Or wait in silent hopefulness for the right one to maybe never be ready?

I think it's time to get a cat.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Sovereign Hill - Life in Photos

Hey Guys!

Last week I spent the day with my Dad at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. It's not something we do often now that I'm older but Dad took some leave from work this week so we tagged along with Mum as she had a conference to go to. 

I had such a lovely day! Sovereign Hill is modelled on the gold mining town around Ballarat in the 1950s that was the sight of the Eureka Stockade, one of the most significant events in Victorian history. So everything is historical and the people are all dressed and act as if they are in the 1850s. 
I went to Sovereign Hill two or three times as a kid and it's always super great when you are that age, but I have to say I appreciated it as an adult who understands a bit more of the historical and social context. And it's nice to feel like a big kid for a day! 

Dad and I went down both mines, which was really fun and my favourite shop on the main street was David Jones, (or maybe the photography studio) because of the attention to detail. 
Enjoy some snaps I took!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Three Thoughts #7

Hey guys! Here are some things I've been up to and thinking about lately.

1/ I feel like this blog is getting really stale, for me mostly. I want it to be different and better. I have a lot of work to do so that I can be happy with it. I feel like it's a whole lot of, 'I went here and did that and oh this is what I think about this,' and it's all a bit of a boring internal monologue instead of something great to be read and enjoyed. I don't know, unless you are involved in the things I'm talking about, like we are friends in real life, it's not all that interesting. Some more thought needs to be had about the purpose of this blog. I think firstly I need to put more time and effort into my posts. I read other people's posts and I see how much thought and time they have put into their content and I just feel disappointed with my own space. And I know comparison is the thief of all joy, and that I shouldn't let how great other people are discourage me or change the way I feel about my own creativity, but I feel like I have a vision in my head of what I want this space to be and I'm not hitting that mark. So the next few weeks I'm sort of setting it as a goal of mine to make this space more of what I want it to be. I want to be happy with every single post and I'm determined to learn more about coding and blog design processes. 

Blog design is one of those things that goes without discussion because it's sort of embarrassing to say you have to improve when there are so many great bloggers out there who have really professional looking pages that they design themselves. But the truth is, I'm not a graphic designer, I appreciate how much work goes into graphic design, and I only know basic html, so I want to learn more. And saying like that, there is nothing embarrassing about it. 

2/ On a more positive note, I've been adventuring this week! Everything is so busy. I have like two place to be all the time, but I'm learning to just go with whatever happens. 

I dropped my friend Steph at the airport this morning so today has been the first chance I've had to sit down and catch up on blogs, email and stuff in a week. I was going to have a nap because we woke up at 5 but I just kept thinking about all the things I wanted to catch up on! I went to Sale and spent time with Cassie and Steph. Then Steph and I spent a couple of days in Melbourne, including a very lovely Williamstown date (above). The weather has really started to pick up which is so nice!

I feel a bit neither here nor there about Sale. I used to really hate it when I lived there because it was a small town and at a time in your life where you are trying to work out who you are and grow up, everyone knows everyone and has since you were kids, it's extremely hard to change and grow as a person. At the same time, I really missed the good parts about it when we moved away. But now that we have been out of school for a few years and I haven't lived there in 4 years, it's become a little less awful, and I've been able to enjoy the best parts of where I grew up without the worst really effecting me. 

3/ Just as I am keen to try and change up my design on the internet, I am in the mood for redesigning my room. So last weekend I did a huge clean out to give me a bit more of a blank slate. I've nearly completely cleared my walls and I'm looking into colour schemes and perhaps a new bedhead/frame or a new dresser/lamp situation. I am just looking around trying to find a good combination that will suit my space better and refresh my room. This time it feels a bit grown up! Like I am making my room a bit more adult and teenage, which is pretty exciting!

I've been looking for inspiration everywhere which is pretty fun. There are some cool interior design apps and also blogs out there. I've been enjoying the app 'Houzz' but exercise caution as it has given me immense furniture envy!