Wednesday, 28 January 2015


1/ Glenn cooking the BBQ at my little housewarming.
2/ Steph looking glam, captured by Zocco.
3/ Sleeping off anaesthetic.
4/ When they put on my ankle bracelet after my wrist one I said "Just incase we lose my arm?" I think I was the only one who found that funny :P
5/ The flowers Sam gave me bloomed today and it made me smile :)
6/ Puffy face fun.
7/ All the druuuuuuuugs.

I keep falling asleep upright,
Love Meg x

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Three Thoughts #12

1/ Sorry for another post with photos of photos but I wanted to share these with you. I think one of the best things about moving is all the stuff you unearth. For me that has been in my parents putting up all the photos they used to have on the walls when I was growing up that I'd forgotten about. The family portraits and the travel photos. Even mum's random paintings and photos that having no emotional relevance to me but at the same time are comfortingly familiar.
I was annoying my mum in the study the other night (I wanted food haha) and I came across some photos. So above is a collection of photos I've found in the move that I like.
I am the baby on what might be my first Christmas! The photos with the rounded edges are my Dad's (who is seen driving a car and in a suit on his 21st), he said he took them on a Kodak camera that his mother gave him. The mark on the back says they were developed in January 1983. My Mum is the woman with the red hair in the top right corner, and she told me this was the party where she met Dad, other photos included people with miscellaneous items sticky tapped to their face, it was apparently a funny nose and moustache themed party. I asked Dad about this bus and he said "some of my mates just bought a bus." As you do. The guy in the top left is my dad's younger brother. It's cool to see people I know now when they were not much older than me.
Then there is my Pa on the bottom left, I like this photo cause it reminds me of Pa's slice and meggie-bites and him coming with mum to pick me up from kindergarten every now and then.

It's kinda cool to think my children or grandchildren might find my photos one day and ask me about them.

2/ I really enjoyed reading your blogs tonight, I've read so many but yet there are so many more to read. I keep thinking of Emma's, I think she raises an issue that is a lot more complex than it appears on the surface and I think it's a discussion we all have unique thoughts and experiences to contribute to. Also, I really enjoyed your responses to my post 'TGIF'! It was so exciting every time one of you commented, and I'd love to do something like that more often in the hopes of getting to know you all a little more. Feel free to go and comment on it and answer the questions in the past tense, or for next weekend, it's never too late :)
Thank you for the TV/movie recommendations as well!

3/ Mum and I have tickets to Centre Court at the Australian this Saturday night and I'm super excited because I've never actually been before. Hopefully we see a good match :) Have any of you ever been to the Tennis before?

Monday, 19 January 2015

Show and Tell

Pandora Bracelet (Top left): This has taken me a good four years to build up and I thought I'd share my newest charm on the end, the camera, which was given to me for Christmas by my godparents :)

Earrings: I got these adorable earrings at the Nursery near our new place. It's on the road between Warrandyte and Ringwood (I think, I never really go that way haha). The Nursery is really lovely and has gardens, a cafe and a shop. I had a cute lunch there with Mum last Sunday before I went to see the 1975 with my sister.

Polaroids (Left to right, top then bottom):
1. Lunch with Steph today in Warrandyte main street, before she went home to Sale, we had a lovely day napping and buying a graduation dress!
2. Party people at Bashford's birthday
3. Me, Kyall and Raj on New Years Eve Eve
4. Louise visiting my new room for the first time with her Watermelon.
5. James and I at his Birthday
6. Me, Steph M and Tom at Bashford's BBQ.
7. Louise and I in my new room while watching Law and Order haha.
8. Gwen and I at her beach house on New Years Eve Eve again.
9. Gerrard, Gwen and I just after midnight on January 1st.

Lamp (Top right): I bought this lamp for my new room because I want to be a real adult and I kind of love it. It's made by an independent designer who sometimes has popup shops in different shopping centres around Melbourne. The brand is called 'Short Story'.

Palette: I bought this Too Faced palette today after admiring it online for a good six months. I've been saving most of my money so I thought I would splurge a little on something for me, which is nice every now and then :)

Friday, 16 January 2015


Currently Listening: I Bet My Life - Imagine Dragons
I have questions for you:
1. What are you doing/not doing this weekend that makes you happy?
2. What's your favourite movie and TV series? (I need some to watch after I have the teeth out)
3. Tell me about a creative human on the internet whose blog/channel/instagram/tumblr/face inspires you. 
4. Who are you grateful for today?
Have an ace weekend my loves, see you on the other side x

ps. if you wanna see painkiller induced snaps and more of my face (sorry), add me on snapchat: megkernaghan

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Three Thoughts #11

1/ So you guys are the best, and one day I will find the time in my life to appreciate all your blogs enough because they are all great and I wish I could comment on every single post. You always leave me such nice comments. And like the other day I was having a moment, the kind where I overthink or doubt myself or remember that I should pay my parking fine, and then I got an email and it was a comment on the blog. It's just a nice reminder that there are other things happening in the world that matter more than something that is getting me down.
I feel like I am finally seeing results for work and practise and the effort I put into this blog and my photography. I'm starting to have more interest in my photography (the photo above is from the most recent 21st I did, I will share this in full when it's ready) and I'm trying to be excited rather than nervous for the year ahead. It's kind of like wow, all the lovely things you guys, my family and friends say to me and all the encouragement has been true. I will get there and the faith others have in me is not misplaced. I guess its just easier to believe in other people and not yourself.
I'm getting so close to owning the camera I want I can almost taste it :) And that makes me so happy because I feel like it's an investment in my future and something that I am earning myself rather than being given that will allow me to create more and better.

2/ I feel like I've been lacking a bit lately because physically I've been in struggle town. I have two wisdom teeth coming through on the bottom, one of which has loose gum around it that keeps swelling up (sorry for the detail) and causing me a great deal of pain. I'm also feeling ridiculously lethargic which I'm not sure if that's related to the teeth and antibiotics etc but it's not great. Basically I went to the Dental Surgeon and there is no room for any of my four wisdom teeth that are all coming through at different rates. So I am going under on the 27th to have them all out in one go. I've never had a general anaesthetic, so I am a bit on the nervy side but mostly I just don't want to feel like this anymore and I want them out asap so that I can get on with it. There is a lot I want to do but I have a mental roadblock that's been created by face and tooth ache. I think I'm in a frustrating two weeks, but the end in near and I think it's probably a good exercise in self care. So my days at the moment are a lot of episodes of the SacconeJolys and more sleeping than I thought was humanly possible.

3/ Steph is coming home this weekend, which is really exciting as I haven't seen her since October I think? We will both be going back to the Gold Coast together in February for her graduation which makes me so happy and excited. Mostly because I am proud of her and grateful that she shares things that are this important with me. Also because I want to take some portraits for her and her family to have to remember the day. And lastly because it means holidays! February will be my month of wisdomtoothless bliss and adventure with my best friends.

Okay, that's it. How are you? I love you. Meg out! x

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Things.

So, I'm going to do it, I am going to mention something never before discussed on this here blog (I'm pretty sure).


I know, right? So am no athlete (obviously), we have talked about this on occasion. It's not that I don't like physical exercise, I have at times gone through different phases of fitness fads if you would like. Only I don't think we could real call them fads, because they were only popular with me, at that time. I played netball and went to the gym and stuff, okay?

But I digress, the point is that I am no olympian and to be honest talking about physical activity has always made me kind of uncomfortable for a myriad of reasons. Firstly, I understand why it's such  huge topic on the internet, like swap your tips, talk about your raw foods, but I kind of always felt that exercise with all the sweating and the guys who see you with flushed cheeks at the gym was a less than glamorous exploit. Sort of like pooping, we all need to do it, some of us don't do it enough, not all of us talk about it. Actually, that's not a great analogy but you get where I am coming from.

Secondly, as I've talked about a bit on here before, it's no secret that I have had and still do have some body image issues. As do most women and a lot of men, so I sort of feel like if I am talking about fitness in such a public forum, I have a responsibility to be really careful about the way I discuss it. I am not in the business of body shaming, as a lot of fitness discussion online (and lets be honest, among my peers in real life) tends to involve. Bottom line, talking about and reading about fitness shouldn't make you feel shit about yourself.

As someone who is no stranger to mental illness I want no part in a discourse that manifests any kind of pressure on those suffering.

With that out of the way, lets move on to why I want to talk about it:

I share a lot of things on this blog and I find that sharing them reaffirms them in my life. I owe a lot to having this space in terms of my personal growth. So if I want to incorporate enjoyable exercise into my daily life, I need to put it on the blog. Apart from the accountability of having told all of you about it, I have the added element of something I can go back to and reflect upon if I ever drop the ball or get stuck in a rut.
And I learnt how to do make up really well through the internet, so why not do the same for something else I want to improve on in my life?

So at the moment I have started doing yoga, I actually love it. I'm pleasantly surprised.
I'm just exploring around the internet at the moment but so far I've found that I really like Yoga with Adriene, which is a youtube that has lots of different yoga sessions to choose from. I did an amazing one today that it for beginners and it's my favourite beginner one so far. When I feel more confident I think I might do a real live class with lots of other people sticking their bums in the air too.

Do let me know if you have any recommendation on the yoga front.

Now for plans, I want to go to a gym because I used to really like that and cardio is important but I haven't actually found a gym I like since I moved from Sale. I think for now I am going to just do runs by the river until I find a gym that I like (I kind of wish I had a dog to run with though so other people with dogs don't look at me weird while I'm running *cough*mumletushaveadog*cough* )

I just bought new nikes so I am keen to do something that actually involves shoes, if you have any suggestions please leave them!

I was sort of inspired to talk about this by Corinne and Jes who fearlessly share their progress, so thanks ladies!
Although, I want to do this because I want to be happy with my body, ultimately this is about knowing that my mental health is easier to maintain when I exercise more, and I want to feel happy and healthy. I want balance and energy, I have not a lot of interest in being a gym junkie or the owner of a six pack.

I'll keep you all in the loop the best I can :)